Mr Highlights recognises that an important part of roof maintenance is regular cleaning, to keep your roof looking great, but also to prevent long term problems that may arise over time if left unchecked. Apart from looking its best, another important aspect of roof cleaning is to ensure that there is no build-up of mould, lichen or debris that can weaken your roof, or cause decay. In the long run, regular roof cleaning will save you money and can prevent expensive costly repairs later. At Mr Highlights we use high pressure cleaning to remove all dirt, growth and debris that could contribute to deterioration, so you get the most out of your roof for longer.

More Efficient Heating and Cooling

Dirt, growths and other build-up on the roof can affect the heating and cooling efficiency of the home. When we think of heating and cooling, we often think about windows and insulation. But some of the different algae’s that grow on roofs can contribute to heat retention within the home, which could affect how efficiently your home stays cool during summer.

Reduce Damp and Mould

Regular cleaning prevents a build-up of moisture and damp that can make its way through the roof and into the home, which can cause the woodwork and internal areas to deteriorate over time. During the summer months where we experience the summer storms, the combination of water and heat can become the perfect breeding ground for mould, so regular cleaning and sealing is an excellent preventative measure.

Prevent Cracked Tiles

If you have ever looked on you’re a roof and noticed a tree growing out of the gutter, you might have wondered how it came to be there. When birds eat fruits from the trees their excrement often contains the seeds which can take root and begin to grow in the most unusual places. Unfortunately as these plants grow their branches and roots can infiltrate under roof tiles, causing them to crack and allow water to get into the home underneath. Regular roof cleaning can prevent this from happening.