As a homeowner, you should have your roof professionally-cleaned by a power washing specialist at least once annually. 

Regular tile roof washing will improve a house’s overall street-appeal. At the same time, regularly cleaning your tile roof, or having a professional roof cleaner handle the task for you, has several benefits and advantages to it. Here is a look at some of them.

The Benefits of Having Your Roof Cleaned Regularly 

• The moss and algae that eat away at your roof tiles are removed

• Hidden damaged areas that need immediate repair are exposed 

• Corrosive residues on shingles are eliminated 

• The amount of mud and silt sitting in gutters is reduced 

• The roof’s color is restored

As a homeowner, it goes without saying that you are willing to do everything you can to keep your home in tip-top condition and avoid needless repairs. Right? If that’s what you want, here are more details about roof cleaning services and how they can benefit your home.

Benefits of Regular Roof Cleaning Services. 

Making sure your home is cleaned often does more than just make it look good; by having your home’s exterior and interior cleaned regularly, you protect it from damage and unwanted repairs. Just like shampooing your carpets helps preserve the rug’s fibers, regular roof pressure washing will help keep your tiles and shingles in good condition. 

Seeds, twigs, leaves, and other debris that lodges itself under and around your tiles can loosen your shingles, increasing their likelihood of coming loose and falling off during windy or stormy weather. At the same time, loose tiles increase the risk of your roofing paper getting damaged, something that could eventually lead to interior water leaks.

When airborne exhaust fumes, acid rain residue, and soot settle on a roof, they end up drying out the shingles, causing the granules at the top of the shingles to become crumbly and loose, which eventually leads to them falling off. The granules then end up inside your gutters, leading to severe clogs, and eventually, exterior water damage on your home.

When roofing tiles become damaged and thin out, their insulation qualities become poorer, and they start letting out your home’s air conditioning and heating.

Algae eat the limestone available in asphalt shingles, causing the tiles to become worn and thin. At the same time, mold, algae, and moss work their way under flashing and tiles, softening roofing paper, and loosening tiles. Over time, your roof will end up looking uneven and bumpy. Apart from that, your tiles will slowly become loose and start falling away.

When mildew grows around your eaves and tiles, it creates very unpleasant odors that can be bothersome to both people and pets. Having mildew washed off your roof by a roof cleaner that specializes in mildew and mold cleanup will help create a more comfortable outdoor environment.

Dust, grit, silt, sand, and other debris that settle on a roof’s surface will eventually become airborne and will make their way to your deck, flower beds, patio, pool, etc. creating ungodly messes, and damaging the exterior surfaces of your house. When dust, grit, silt, or sand get blown from your roof and settle on the surface of your pool, they could end up making your pool’s filter work harder, causing unnecessary wear and tear, which might end up leading to unwanted yet costly repairs or even replacement. 

Over time, the grime, dirt, mud, and solid debris that collect on the surface of your roof will dissolve and fall into your gutters, clogging them up. If not addressed in time, such clogs could lead to your home’s foundation and exterior walls getting water damaged. 

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